Inexya is specialized in Web Application Security solutions.
The name itself « Inexya » has an obvious link with internet security: either you are « In » and may access the web application, either you are « Ex », you cannot access the web application. Network security solutions are not enough anymore to protect web resources, as hackers directly target the next fragile level, the Application and its Data.
The Mission of Inexya is to « Provide our customers with solutions to protect their Enterprise assets by securing their critical Applications and Data, from both internal and external malicious behaviors».

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Web applications have opened new horizons to transact and share information within the Enterprise and the outside world. The downside is their open architecture. This generates 2 types of risks:

  • Technical risk: malfunction or black-out of the application
  • Business risk: reputation, loss of money and data


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By nature Inexya is vendor neutral and will always position the optimal solution depending on the technical and business requirements of the Client. Nevertheless, Application Security being a critical and evolving domain, Inexya has chosen privileged partners offering

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Inexya is an active member of the Fuzyo network. Fuzyo associates IT services companies with complementary expertise and geographical coverage.

Each customer project is specific and may require particular competences. When necessary, Fuzyo enables Inexya to easily find these competences among the other members of the organization.


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  • Retail banking
  • Architecture, setup and maintenance of redundant web security environments
  • Tivoli Access Manager for e-business
  • Tivoli Directory Integrator for IAM provisioning


Public sector

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Who are we

The Mission of Inexya is to «Provide our customers with solutions to protect their Enterprise assets, by securing critical Applications and Data from internal and external malicious behaviors».

Our Solutions

Inexya security solutions are summarized in 4 letters: SAXA (Scanning of Applications, Application Firewall, XML/B2B Gateways, Access Management).

Our Partners

Inexya partners with best of breed security companies to integrate or complement their solutions in the customer environment.