The Company

Inexya is specialized in Web Application Security solutions.

The name itself « Inexya » has an obvious link with internet security: either you are « In » and may access the web application, either you are « Ex », you cannot access the web application.

Network security solutions are not enough anymore to protect web resources, as hackers directly target the next fragile level, the Application and its Data.

The Mission of Inexya is to « Provide our customers with solutions to protect their Enterprise assets, by securing critical Applications and Data from internal and external malicious behaviors».

Our Vision, « Be considered by our clients as a trusted Security solution provider by hardening their web applications and data at 4 levels:

  • Application code
  • Production environment
  • Access management
  • Traffic generated by the applications (XML , http, …)

This Vision translates in a comprehensive set of security solutions summarized in 4 letters: SAXA.

Inexya helps you to detect vulnerabilities and protect your web environment, in order to minimize your technical and business risk. Our objective: you perform optimally.