A changing landscape

Web applications have opened new horizons to transact and share information within the Enterprise and the outside world. The downside is their open architecture. This generates 2 types of risks:  

  • Technical risk: malfunction or black-out of the application
  • Business risk: reputation, loss of money and data


From network to application security

For many years, securing the network infrastructure has been the main priority to protect web applications. Firewalls, IDS, IPS have been deployed as a protection belt around the Enterprise.

With time, these network components have proven insufficient as hacking techniques have started to focus directly on the applications, the data, and the traffic conveying critical information.

To reduce the risks associated with Web Applications, Inexya has developed a comprehensive security approach summarized in 4 letters: SAXA.

  1. Scanning of applications
  2. Application protection
  3. Xml / B2B exhanges
  4. Access Management