Application protection

The role of Application Scanning was to detect potential security flaws. The next phase is to protect the application.

Once the application is considered to be safe and is put in production, it must then be protected against malicious user activities. Application firewalls come here into action.

Web Application Firewalls look at every request and response within the HTTP/HTTPS/SOAP/XML-RPC/Web Service layers.

Web Application Firewalls look for certain 'attack signatures' to try to identify a specific attack that an intruder may be sending. Web Application Firewalls also look for abnormal behavior that doesn't fit the websites normal traffic patterns.

Web Application Firewalls can be either software, or hardware appliances. They are installed in front of a web server in an effort to protect it from incoming attacks.

Considered as an essential component of the security architecture, Application Firewalls technology firewall technology has become quite mature. The critical element is how they are configured depending on the technical and business requirements of the application itself. That’s were Inexya’s added value come into action.