XML / B2B gateways

Web Applications manage an increasing volume of incoming and outgoing XML files and B2B exchanges. As well, SOA and REST web services architectures generate XML and JSON traffic.
The exchange of incoming / outgoing B2B transfers requires that Enterprises create a « managed trust » between its environment and its partners.

These flows of critical data need to be secured, managed and require a high level of processing such as format and protocol transformations. In order to optimize these operations, Inexya implements 2 complementary solutions:

1. XML / B2B Gateways
2. Managed File Transfers (MFT)

The role of these components is to :

  • Authenticate the origin of the files in combination with an Access Management system
  • Route the file to the correct application depending on the file identification
  • Process the content of the files (format, protocol) in real time to comply with application requirements
  • Secure the content of the files
  • Guarantee a Quality of Service through SLA rules

B2B Gateways help companies to comply with PCI requirements (*) by implementing Hierarchical Storage Management (FIPS-3 compliant) for secure storage of cryptographic keys.

(*) Payment Card Industry requirements to be fulfilled when conducting financial transactions